Can you doubt God’s blessings?

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Can you doubt God’s blessings?
There  have been so many things that happened to me these last three years it’s hard to believe but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of it was God’s doing.

When I was a mess crying and drinking myself to oblivious in my bathtub every night dreaming of the day I would have the courage to walk out of that horrible marriage, I only dreamt of a rental for me and my girls never once did I dream I would own a house of my own.

In October my landlord came to me and told me they were selling the house, I was upset but asked if I could make a offer on it not thinking in a million years I would get approved by the bank…well I did! I was shocked, that week I went to church and another pastor was there preaching he said “someone here is looking to buy a house sow a seed of 15.50 and you will get that house for 150,000. Well I have big faith so I sowed a seed of 150.50 and then offered my landlord that price which she laughed at.

We agreed on a price and I had the contract drawn up and sent it to them, they called me and said you know it’s worth more, we want 10,000 more now, I was pissed we had an agreement they laughed and said they never signed anything I responded what about morally? 

We agreed, they said too bad. I was crushed I knew the house needed at least 10,000 of work, how could I do this? but I was pissed too, how do you do that to someone? It’s just not right.
I put in two bids on other homes at a higher price and got out bidder each time.

A few weeks later I was telling my friend who runs my development the story and she says she knows one for sale, not even on the market yet, she takes me there and yes it needs alot of work I ask how much? Guess  the price?  Yup 150,000!!! Yes, it was unbelievable but true, I got this house 28,000 less than I was going to pay for the other one

But my God has dreams bigger than I could ever dream of and yesterday he made them come true. I closed on this house and am now a home owner! Yes, this was truly a Christmas gift from God.

So today my friends remember to believe, to dream big and never stop having faith because even when your dreams aren’t that big, he is dreaming up bigger ones for you….If you olny believe. ……

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