Why cant we figure men out?

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Why can’t we figure out men?


Since I’ve been single the last few years, I still cant figure out men. On my morning ride to work I always call my one of my girlfriends, we eventually end up talking about men.

We talk about our dates or sometimes the lack of dates but mostly we talk about trying to figure out men.


Things like why would a man you just started talking to send you a picture of his ass? Or a picture of his junk? Yuggg…really??


Why after two texts do they think its alright to talk dirty to you, when in big letters on your profile it says clearly your not looking to hook up? Maybe they can’t read?


Why is it that he chases you and you talk for months and then you go out and he doesn’t call you back?


Why do some men act so dam jealous when they say they just want to be friends?


Why do the first thing they write to you is “Hey baby” or “Hi sexy mama” “Hi hottie” I never meet you, do you think those lines are really gonna woo me? NOT!


Why do men get mad when you tell them nicely that they are way to young for you but thank them for the compliment or that you appreciate their interest but don’t think you’ll compatible because they are not your type.


Why do men tell you that they want a relationship and then ghost you?


Why are men afraid of your independence? The fact you can take care of yourself?


Why do men have an issue with you having male friends? Like your suppose to give up your life because your dating them.


Why do men act like they like you but won’t make time for you?


Why do men, after you clearly tell them what you want and need act like the conversation never happen, totally avoiding the subject like it will just…poof disappear?


Why can’t they be honest and tell you their feelings, just be upfront about everything? Why is it such a game?


So I ask my other girlfriends because these things baffle me and they have the same questions and it seems, we all don’t have any answers.


So my girlfriend asked me, because in her words not mine “I got big balls” enough to ask this question to my readers.


So my friends, if you have any insight to these questions and the many others we keep scratching our heads about, please feel free to post and help us out.


In the mean time I will keep calling my girlfriends and laughing all the way to work, asking each other why can’t we figure out men.


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