Commitment to your faith journey

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Commitment to your faith journey


We all have our own walk with faith, we all have our own paths we have to go down, we all learn at different levels, at different times.

( I am slow and hard headed, hey it is what it is)


But we are all trying to get what we need out of our faith, we are all trying to be better, do better, have a peace and joy in our lives from a higher being.

It doesn’t matter if its Jesus, Buddha, Islam, Judaism, its from a higher power that we can’t see but we trust. 


To be faithful we have to remember who was there for us, to be grateful for what he has brought us through…

We have to remember when the enemy was after you, who protected you? Who brought you through those times? Who did you call out to when you were hurt? When you were lost and broken? 


You were batteling so many issues inside yourself, you were a mess but God got you through.


I know that the olny reason I am still standing is because of the grace of God, no other reason.

My blessings are gifts from God, because of his grace and mercy, even though I’ve screwed up, even when I forsaken him, even when I didn’t deserve another chance, he gave me one.


God will reward you if you are faithful, if you believe and when you are committed. One of my favorite bible verses is:


“I have fought a good fight,

I have finished the race and I remained faithful…”


I want to know that I did well, I want to stand in front of him and hear him say “Well done, my child, well done”

This is why I do what I do, this is why I am committed.


Are you fully committed? Because its says “May your hearts be fully committed”

Not half way, not sometimes, no, fully committed.


“Commit to the lord everything you do and he will establish your plans”


“You must love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind with all your strength, that is the commitment” 


Yes, its hard to do that, life gets into the way, kids, spouses, jobs, bills. Sometimes you fall off course, too tired to go to church, rather be at the beach, cant help another out, I got my own problems, how can I believe when all these bad things are happening to me.


I get that, but what’s important to you? To know he has your back, no matter what? To know that it will be okay and your not going to stress? That you have peace in your life? That he has bigger plans than you could ever dream for yourself.

“Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard all that he has for you”


There are times that I think of God and what he has done for me and it makes me cry, every morning I wake up with my mouth full of gratefulness, every evening as I lay down before I go to sleep I have a mouth full of gratefulness.


Through out the day, when I see the sky, the beach, when I come home to my house, when I think about how unhappy I use to be, I am grateful and I know I am fully committed to this, to him, to trying no matter how many times I may fall short, I will keep trying to please him, keep telling him of my gratitude, keep praising his name.


I am fully committed to him, because I know how it was before, I’ve been at the bottom, I know what it is like to cry yourself to sleep night after night, to hate your life and yourself. I know hopelessness, sadness and emptiness and I never want to go back so I will stay committed.


So today my friends remember it’s up to you, you can chose to be committed or you can chose to do this on your own, its up to you but if your going to do something no matter what it is, be committed, do it with your whole heart, be full present in whatever it may be,

 it’s then you get the biggest reward, its then you know what its like to see the difference change can make…make a change.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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