Consider your ways

Consider your ways

God repeats himself in the bible “Consider your ways” a few times because he wanted you to get this  message.

We are so busy trying to get things and yes, God wants us to prosper but we tend to put God out of our lives and out of our planning and it’s not until we fall into a ditch that we reach out to God.

God is sending a word to us, that we need not put God out but we need to consider our ways.
Some people say God doesn’t want you to be blessed or have material things or that you need to give everything you have back to him.
But that’s not what God wants for us, all he wants is for you to make sure you make him a priority, put him first.
To remember that while your in pursuit of your desires that you won’t forget to support his house as well.

Consider your ways…
How your thinking? How is it that your so busy with the consumption of things, that you don’t consult God first and then he doesn’t get any of it.

We all have different ways we view things, some people don’t care about family, but for some people, their families mean the world to them.
Some people live for the moment spend like there’s no tomorrow and some people think they have to manage what God gave them.
You need to do things that pleases God, you need to step back and look at the life your living.

Ask yourself, how are you living your life? How is your thoughts about money? Are you to prideful?
Your running out of time,
you need to clean up your act because you still have time to do his agenda.

If everything you do is about yourself, your not listening to God’s word.
Who does your help come from?
Most people act like you have arrived and you don’t need God, you don’t need to listen to him. Don’t think you can just take God’s stuff and walk away and not give back. It is he that gave you everything and he that can take it all back.

So many people do this, it is only after things don’t work out, then you come to him, you come when your mad, when things don’t manifest when you prayed. How come you want to know? Why God? You ask.
But you didn’t ask God about your relationships, your job, your finances did you? But then you get mad when things don’t work out, why? It wasn’t important enough to ask him his advice in the beginning but as soon as it’s not going your way you are fast to blame him.

When we have the wrong way of thinking it will take us off the track. The problem is we don’t know how to manage our blessings, whenever your desires become more important than God, then it will ruin you.
We need to remeber, don’t be jealous over others riches, don’t be envious of others, stay at your level, stay in your lane, God has things for you, especially for you.

So today my friends remember more than anything else put God’s work first and God will have his way with you but first you must consider your ways.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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