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Dating today…what a trip

Yesterday  I wrote about the do’s and don’ts of online dating and as I thought about it I realized how dating has changed since the last time I was single which was many moons ago,yeah like 25 of them.

Years ago you met someone out or your friends introduced you to someone, if you came from a small town like me you knew that person or knew of them. You could easily find out the deal and what that person was like, today living in a big city, not so much.

Now we meet people online,we don’t know anything about them except what they write about themselves and most of the time that is bull!

Besides in today’s world even the people you thought you knew sometimes turn out to be Mr.Con Artist, so you have to be very careful. I met a guy online recently and we were planning to meet, he actually thought he was coming to my house… really? ?

I told him, look I don’t know you, I would never just let a stranger come to my home. I am a New Yorker, I grew up with 5 locks on my doors, my mom saying  “don’t answer that door, see who it is”
“don’t let anyone in, don’t trust anyone” so I come from that street smart mentality about watching your back.

He actually gave me aditude about not letting him come by,he asked “don’t you trust me?”
Dude I don’t know you from adam, I met you online a minute ago and yup I don’t trust you” Hello get real!

So here are some safety tips for the newly dating from a real New Yorker.

1-I am not letting anyone where I live.

2- I will meet you in a public place and tell my friends where I will be, with who and what time.

3- I won’t be going to your house or anywhere not in public.

4. You won’t be meeting my girls unless we have been dating for months and we are getting serious and even then…I not so sure.

5. I will be doing a background check on you after 3 dates, be ready… sorry if you don’t like it, then you must have something to hid.

6. If something doesn’t feel right, go with you gut, listen and run, Forrest run!

7. If he’s rude, creepy or slimy get up and leave, you owe him nothing besides he doesn’t know where you live, who cares what he thinks.

8. Do not settle for a man, any man because you are afraid to be alone (more on that one tomorrow )

9. Don’t be afraid to speak up or speak your mind, be yourself because trying to keep up trying to be someone else is exhausting.

10. Have fun, look at it as a adventure if anything you will have something to talk about and laugh about with your bestie in the morning.

So today my friends, go out and date but be careful, stay smart and listen to your inner voice,it is never wrong.

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