Death and life are in the in the power of the tongue. ..

Yes this quote is in the bible, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue”


There are so many things that this means, you can build up a person as well as cut a person to the core with your words.



Funny how you hear things just when you need them, as I was sitting in church last night when before service, I seen a really good friend of mine post on Facebook and she said  that she no longer has faith, it will never work out for her, it’s been bad for so long and that’s how it will continue to be.


I sat there reading this and I could feel her pain, I too had lost faith and yes, like her I went through some dark times yet all through it I kept praying and envisioning how it would get better.


See we were both in dark places, we were both hurt and lost but I chose to know and believe that it will get better, I spoke those words to the universe, to God and most importantly to myself.


And then of course I got this word, about how words can build you up or tear you down, how the words you speak effect the outcome of your life,.

“You breathe life into your words” or you know the one “The Secret”  what you put out is what comes back to you.


Karma, same thing, what you do to others comes back to you, people I didn’t make this up!


If you tell yourself you can’t make it, or you can never do a triathlon, you won’t, you have to believe you can do it, breathe life into your dreams and goals, your words and thoughts make it happen or cause dreams to die.


Imagine if you had two twins and each and every day you spoke goodness and kind, encouraging words to one, telling them they can do or be anything they set their mind to.


To the other you tore down, you demeaned them, told them they were worthless and never will amount to anything,  do you think they will both have the same self-esteem? Do you think they will believe what you have spoken over their lives? Of course your words have shaped their lives, their thoughts of themselves.


Women who are strong, independent self-assured women fall for men and end up  giving their power to them, they eventually start believing that they are worthless and can’t make it without that man.


Ceo’s, Vice Presidents, powerful women I’ve met, women who run large companies, yet can’t leave a two-bit, good for nothing man because she secretly thinks she is worthless without them.


Yes, your words are powerful, more than you even know.So today think about the words you are speaking, what are they saying to the universe? What are they saying to your children,  your spouse?

But most importantly what are they saying to yourself?


Words are life and death…. choose wisely, they will come back to you.



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