Did you really just say that?

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Did you really just say that?


Yesterday I read a article about the singer Pink, she was at a award dinner to honor her friend who had done many wonderful things to help cancer survivors.


She looked beautiful in a black dress and happy to be there with her husband celebrating her friend accomplishments.

All of a sudden, all these people started to post such horrible things about her, like how fat she was, that she was a pig, that she should worry about losing weight instead of going out partying.


I was blown away, how could people say such mean and cruel things to another human being? What is wrong with you and society that you would think it’s okay to do something like that?


Besides the fact that she is in phenomenal shape, but if you ever saw her perform, you would be amazed. She not only sings and puts on a show, she flys through the air on wires, she does acrobatics on fabric hanging from the ceiling, upside down, all while singing and holding her notes. It’s mind blowing to see her strength up there.


While she’s no anorexia victim, she certainly isn’t overweight by any means, she is definitely muscular and fit. But this is not the point, even if she had put on weight and Hell we all do from time to time, who are you to stand there, point your finger and judge another person? What is wrong in your world that you could care less about someone else’s feelings and say such things?


I have to say Pink was incredibly gracious when she answered the many people that posted such negative things. She said thank you for your concern, that she thought the dress looked more flattering at home but how she looked and felt beautiful in it. That she was glad she no longer needed or cared about anyone else option of her was. She knew her self worth and loved herself. Big message to many young woman today, I am a bigger fan now than I was before.


So today my friends,know your self worth in spite of the cruel things people may say, there will always be haters, there will always be people out there that you will say “did you really just say that?” ¬†Know that you can and will rise above it, be your own biggest fan.


“Be the change you want to see…”


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