Do I have to go to the gym today?

I write this blog every day and every day I try to keep it real, I tell it like it is the good the bad and even the ugly,  I never sugar coat anything as I want you to know that sometimes the road gets tough but you can make it.


So when I talk about working out and being a gym rat for most of my life, you might think well that’s not me , I don’t have time or I don’t like the gym, she’s lucky she feels that way.


Like so many of you, there are so many mornings when the alarm rings that I don’t want to be here, like this morning!

Yes, I could have sleep an extra hour would have loved to throw the alarm across the room and rolled over into my next dream of lasagna (I am on a break from men, not even dreaming about them!)


But no, I dragged my butt up and to the gym. Feeling it or not, its what I have to do.


See any kind of change is hard, when I got my kit for the 21 day fix I looked at the containers and called my girlfriend and said “are they kidding we are going to starve!this is going to suck” (yes, I am human and don’t always see the sunshine, sorry to disappoint you)


Then I thought now I will have to get my food ready, figure out what to est and what not to, this is going to be a pain, changing everything, yuggg.


I was thinking what the Hell did I get myself into now? I love to est! But I have to make a choice my love of eating or a sexy body for my 50th….hmm… sorry sexy body won out! That and I love a challenge can I do it? How far can I go? How much past the pain can I go?  And the nay sayers and haters help too, “oh yea… you dont think so, watch this!”


I love good food, I had always ate like a truck driver, my mother would tell me to eat before a date because no guy would ever ask me out again after seeing me eat! So yes I am just like you, love to eat, hate to get out of bed some days, I have a bad knee, my back hurts and I am tired sound like you? Yes we are all the same, we don’t want change, we want the easy way out and we want it now!


Yes if genie from Aladdin came and saif you never have to exercise, you can eat anything you wish and you will stay healthy and have a hot body Hell ya that would be one of my three wishes are you kidding!


But until then I have to make a change, put in hard work and do this all on my own.


I am telling you this so the next time you don’t feel like going to the gym or when change seems daunting remember you are not alone, we all feel like that even the gym rat!


So push yourself and you will be glad you did, life is too short to do things half way, be all in. 


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