Does my faith scare you?

Recently when speaking to a few friends I have heard this comment “you know you’re referring to this God thing a lot and you know your scarring people.”


Really? Can you scare people with your own beliefs? I guess if your beliefs are different or maybe if you have none of your own.


I get it, I grew up Catholic, my Priest was a drunk and a hypocrite that wouldn’t let me have my communion that is until my dad paid him off. So yes religion” left a bad taste in my mouth.


I realize everyone has there own closeness to “God” and what they believe, I never try to push my “God” on anyone, I only speak of what he has done in my life and how my beliefs got me through my darkest hours, you might have your own way to get through things and if that works for you, terrific! What ever gets you through your day works.


This is my journey, this is who saved me when lying in my dealers house after a 7 day coke binge, in the same dirty clothes, wacked out of my mind, at one of the lowest points in my life, that I fell to my knees and cried out for help because I no longer had the strength to go on, it was my God who gave me the strength to pick myself up and walk out that door and leave all the drugs and drinking behind.


It was my God who stopped me from killing myself when I couldn’t go on one more day with a man who treated his dog better yhan he treated me, it was my God who gave me the courage and strength to leave, to start my own business,  to know that I didn’t need a man, any man to do this.


Look, your “god” might be Buddha, Hosana, or anything else you want to call him, or nothing at all, maybe your just spiritual, it doesn’t matter, does it get you through your darkest times? Does it give you comfort? Does it calm your fears? Then it works for you.


I don’t preach “if you don’t do this, or that, you will go to hell” “if you are this type of person, your going to hell” “if your not perfect, your going to hell” No, I am far…. far from perfect, my Bishop says we come to church because we are all sick and need to be healed., 


There are no perfect people, I am just trying to be the best I can be and sharing my journey in hopes you might be reading this and don’t think you can go on, or that no one understands or you are scared, I want these people to know , you are not alone, I’ve been there , I was scared, I laid on the floor crying and begging for help, the only difference between me and you is I put my stuff out there for the world to see to try to help another person.


For me God has worked and in telling my story, I must tell you how I got to the place I am now, for me it was God, you might want to take another road and I am fine with that, but this is my journey and I write about what I know and what works for me.


I just want to be a blessing to others and to inspire others, if my beliefs scare you, read the next days blog, believe me it will be different as I write about what moves me each day,whatever that may be.


But I must tell you, I will be talking about my God as he is the one who saved my life and who each and every day I give thanks to and will continue to praise. 


So I hope that this clears up the issue of my faith and my “preaching” about it, my thing is whatever gets you through the day works for you and whatever gets me through my day works for me, it’s just about finding something that will do it for all of us.


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