Does my truth scare you?

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Does my truth scare you?


My question to you today is does my truth scare you? Since I started writing this blog the one thing I have been is truthful because I feel I can not try to inspire you or encourage you if I am hiding something that happened to me or something that I was going through. 


No, I had to be brutality honest about everything, the good, the bad and even the really ugly, I tell it all! I don’t get embarrassed, I no longer have a ego (remember my saying ego=edging God out) 


I spent way to many years worrying about what people will think of me, putting on a fake smile, so they wont see all the dirt hidden in your closets.


No, I am completely honest, completely open and completely visible to all who read my blog.

I will never lie about anything I write about, or will I ever lie again in my life, I am free, this is me, warts and all take it or leave it,this is the way it is.


So when my cousin told me that someone thought she put me up to writing a blog recently and that I had lied about past events in our life, that just pissed me off!

( Okay,I am Christian, but I am human first, remember that truth thing?)


I would never make something up to make another look bad, read my blog, I lift people up every day, I never cut anyone down, but I guess the truth hurts some people. 


Yes, I tend to forget that as much as I want to believe that anyone can change, some people will never, they will continue to be small minded, bitter,thinking that they are better than others, putting others down to make themselves feel better. (I know too well about these type of people)


If this gets you through your day, by all means go with the lies in your head, but I will continue to speak the truth like it or not.


Ask anyone I have a memory like an elephant, I remember it all.

I remember all the horrible things you did, I remember all the put downs, I remember you wanting to have the light that shined from this precious child so you did everything in your power to stomp it out. You knew she was truly a gift from God and you were so jealous you couldn’t see straight, so you beat her down, belittled her, called her names,embarrassed her in public over and over to have the light shine on you instead. 


I never had a sibling, so I just thought this is what siblings do and maybe some do but when you continue this behavior as a adult, it says who you are as as a person, this IS the character of who you are and simply its sad, really really sad.


You can say anything you want, just know I speak the truth and maybe it should scare you, because it shows you the truth in bright light.


I am not perfect nor will I ever be, I have done some messed up things in my life but I put it all out there , I own it, I asked for forgiveness and I have forgiven, I no longer hide my screw ups I wear mine like a badge of honor, yes I did it, I own it and now I am a different person. 


So today as you read this, remember that your actions cause reactions and when you say something out of malice and bitterness knowing that it will cut like a knife to another, ask yourself if what I wrote about your character back then mirrors your character today?


At 15, they are the mistakes of a girl, at 50, they are a reflection of the content of the women.



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