Don’t send me pictures of your junk

Don’t send me pictures of your junk!

Omg! What is dating coming to these days?
I have been single for a while and I have to tell you it’s getting scarier and scarier out here.

Men who just want a texting pen pal and never want to meet, men who lie and say they want a relationship but are only looking to hook up, men who can’t or won’t step up and then there is the ones who have a burning desire to show off their dicks!

Yes, you all know about them if you are a women, the “Dick pic guy”
The guy who after a few good morning, how are you texts, decides out of nowhere that he must show you his junk.

And BAM! There it is, a good morning picture of his junk in what he thinks is, all of his glory.
Look I get it if this is your boyfriend or husband and your spicing things up, its good, your playing and it’s okay but when you just meet someone or last week in my case haven’t even meet him and then they decide to do this, It then  becomes a Wtf??

Like in Wtf…is wrong with you? Wtf… why would you think I want to see your junk? Wtf…all junk looks the same?
Or my very favorite Wtf… Don’t send your picture of your junk to a women who has been with a black man (It’s not an urban myth!)

One guy said “So your assuming I have a small dick?”
I responded “No, I no longer have to assume!”

Seriously! I am going to cut you down, insult you and then I will send it to all my girlfriends and we will laugh at you.
Oh yes, we do this and we ask all the Wtf questions to why you think we needed or wanted to see this.

Some of you should be embarrassed to show this to anyone…ever!
Some need some serious manscaping, some are just nasty with hanging, saggy balls…yuggh please it’s not all that, trust us!
You seen one junk, you’ve seen them all. (Ok, maybe not..refer to paragraph above about urban myths)

To add insult to injury, this last one was while he was on the toilet…. I’ll wait till you stop laughing….
I can’t make this shit up people!
Ohhhh…like that is so sexy.

Do they think “Oh, I’m going to send this picture of my junk while I’m on a nasty toilet and this women is going to cream in her drawers and come running over with her pants down  to have sex with my sexy beast!”

Really, this is what you must be thinking inside of your pea brain…why else would you possibly send this?

Wait….Sorry I’m still laughing… see Mr. Dick pic this is what we are doing…we are frigging laughing at you! This is not sexy, this does not turn us on, this makes us mad actually, that you think we must be some kind of women that after 5 texts that it would be okay to do this.

Did we ask about your junk?
Did we discuss anything sexual? Did it say anywhere in our profile that we wanted to hook up? No! So where in the world did you think it was a good idea?
It’s not! It never will be! So stop sending them, unless of course you want to be in my blog about saggy balls.
Seriously…just don’t send them, ever!

Dating today is hard enough, we don’t need to see pictures of your nasty junk that probably isn’t all that when it comes down to it anyway, let’s be real. It already shows us it’s all about you and what you want, so I’ll be betting it’s all about you in bed as well…
Next….swipe left….delete…

Please feel free to send this to all the men that send you these pics, guys send it to a friend who needs help keeping it in his pants. Share it, as there are many men out there doing this…
Speak out loud and clear and help me start my new movement…

It’s okay…I’m still laughing too!

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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