Embrace every season with gratitude

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Embrace every season with gratitude 


I will start off today’s blog with this bible verse as it says it all about this weeks theme of gratitude:


Ephesians 5.20 

“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the father in the name of Jesus Christ”


In every season, good or bad you should give thanks.

Now your thinking come on how can I be grateful in bad times?

You might go around thinking you got the short stick, that life sucks, you feel like quitting.

Your frustrated, you lost your drive, maybe you lost it all, you’ve have not been happy in years.

Hello! With all that going on you want me to be grateful? You might say.


Ever think even if you had everything you still might not be happy? Maybe your never satisfied?

You experienced the good and the bad times yet your still unhappy? 

Maybe your living in a good season and your still unhappy?

Maybe it’s you? Maybe…just maybe you need to change your outlook and your attitude. 


You still not grateful for even the good times, so how can you be grateful for anything?


You will have moments that are sweet, that are good and you will think this is wonderful but believe me, you will get the the bad times, the bitter part of life. The part that truly will suck and you put them all together and label them unhappy, label your whole life unhappy.


Some of you, I am sorry to say, that nothing will make you happy… Ever! Because you have chosen to dwell on the bitterness of life.


 I know this well because my grandmother was like this, nothing ever made her happy, she was bitter about what life had gave her. She was negative, as long as I knew her she was like this, even when things were good she was still unhappy, carrying all the hurts of her past with her in the good times. I vowed never to be like her and every day I chose to think differently, to be grateful, to be positive, to forgive and let go of hurts.


Do you focus so much on the bad moments that your not even grateful for the now? Give thanks always! Even in the bad moments.


 Do you ask why am I here? Why is this happening to me? Where is your faith? Why don’t you believe in miracles? Why cant you be like the bible tells us to be:

“Always be joyful, Never stop praying”


Not sometimes, not when things are good, not when your life is great…but ALWAYS be joyful.

If you embrace a heart of gratitude always, your life will be better…


My aunt always said “Sit at a table with other and put your problems on the table and believe me when you see others problems, you will be fast to take back yours”


The grass is not always greener on the other side, it just looks that way.

I can speak of this because I was in that dark place, I had hit rock bottom yet every day I pushed myself to be grateful for at least one thing, then I pushed to be grateful for 2 things and so on until I was grateful for everything even all the pain and suffering I went through because it made me stronger, it made me who I am today.


So today my friends remember always be grateful, always pray because prayer changes things. Start being grateful with that God woke you up, that you woke up in a bed and not on the streets, that you have food when so many go starving every day. That you have a job, that your able to walk, that your in your right mind, things we take for granted.


Be aware of these small things and be grateful, then from there you will be able to add on…and before you know it you will be grateful for everything, even your bad times…trust me…..and like I always say….

“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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