Fear must be conquered
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Fear must be conquered


There are many times I’ve come to church and I ask God for a message, something I can’t figure out, something that I need answers to, so I pray that I will hear my answers through the sermon.


I can’t tell you how many times I felt like God was speaking right through my Bishop to me and today was no different.


These last few weeks have been tough on me, so many things coming against me, the storms have been so fierce that I felt like I was drowning.


And even though last week my church husband said what I needed to hear about how God always comes through for me, about how I am always blessed by him, but Hello! I am hard headed and needed yet another reinsurance and yesterday I got it! And I am sharing it with you today. These are my Bishop’s words…


You need to conquer your own fears, we are all afraid of something….of losing, of failure, of not getting what you want, so many fears we have… not being a good parent, a good parnter, a good human being, we live with fears every day.


Fear removes faith out of your spiritual journey, see you need to walk in your faith. It says many times in the bible

“The just shall live by faith”


There is a reason it is said so much, because there are more people out there besides me that are hard headed.

So you must surround yourself with people who are fearless…who have faith, who will lift you up when you have no strength.


Fear rules your life…

Is this you? Your thinking, this is hard, I am struggling, it’s not possible to live in faith everyday.

You’re worried about stuff you can not change.

Faith has become impossible for you and fear has become your normal.


Your living a defeated life…but Faith is the way of life for the believer, you must hold on to your faith in the mist of the storms.

I have to tell you, faith is only possible in the mist of chaos….

If everything is perfect then you wouldn’t need faith!


The reason your going through what your going through, is so that you live in faith and not fear, this is a lesson you need to learn, to trust him, no matter what.


When you believe in God, when you know the word, then you know God has your back and you know that sooner or later he will turn things around for your good.


When you begin to doubt God, your life becomes a playground for the devil, he wants you to doubt, he wants you to worry, so that your faith is shaking.


So what is fear?






Fear will make you put a time clock on God but he is on his time, he is an on time God… just not on your time.


You must conquer your fears…

God has so much in store for you but fear will threaten your health…

Fear will give you financial stress

Fear will make you believe things are hopeless…


But Faith….Faith will open the door to great possibilities.

God will move moutains, he will part the seas, he will give you move than even you dreamed of.


Here’s the part that got me to the ugly cry… and I quote…..


You have seen God do good over and over again…yet you doubt him…but he if he’s done it before he will do it again..and again….and again..


Didn’t my church husband just tell me that? Don’t I know that? Yes, but I needed to hear it again…that is the human part of us.

He closed with this….


“The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid?”


“Through an army besiege me, my heart will not fear…though war break out against me… even then I will be confident”


Yes, this was God speaking to me yet again, another confirmation that hard headed me needed. I get it….I get it…

I chose not to have fear…I chose faith…

So today my friends ask yourself what do you chose?

And then ask yourself how’s that working for you?


If it’s not working, get rid of fear and find your faith, it’s your choice, choose wisely as this is the difference between a peaceful live and a life filled with fear.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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