Go on…talk about me

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Go on….talk about me


I remember growing up and how people talked about me because I was different. I was a Tom boy, I related to the boys more than the girls, I did boy things like climb trees, played sports, caught fish, I was determined to keep up with them.


So as I hit my teenage years I obviously had alot of guy friends and that just made people talk even more about me.

In high school I dated the same¬†guy from 13 to 19 but they still manager to talk…to say I was a whore. Ha! A whore? I was a virgin who was saving myself for this man who was my first true love.


But yes, the hate mongers didn’t know that or even cared to ask, they had their own agenda…to talk trash about me..I was different, they don’t like different, so I was their target.


As I got older I kept being different, I could dirt bike ride and fish during the day then go out in a hat with a veil, dressed to the nines thinking I was Joan Collins in Dynasty all while living in this hick place.


While everyone else was were in flannel shirts and shit kicker boots and here I would come waltzing in, not caring what anyone thought. I danced to my own drummer.


When I got married my ex was obsessed with appearances,

“What will people say?”

Was his favorite line.

Mine was “Who gives a shit?”


See I learned that people are going to talk shit about you no matter what…Hello they called me a whore and I was a virgin until I was 18! With the same man who waited for it, that alone says something all by itself!

They have nothing better to do than talk about you.


And even at this age, even when you think people would have grown up and changed…nope their are still out there talking shit…really? Grow up!


I guess that is why so many morons watch “The house wife’s of stupid”

They need to see other woman putting each other down, to validate their own agendas.


I have to tell you, it doesn’t matter if everyone likes you…doesn’t matter if everyone is talking about you…you need to know who you are, you need to love yourself.


You need to own it! Recently me and my girls went to my cousins wedding in New Jersey. His wife to be said it was formal, well we went all out formal, long black gowns, fur coats and all…when we got out of the car we looked around and no one was formal like us and my big one said

“Mom we are extra!”


I said “Baby hold your head up high, put your shoulders back and own your extraness! Own it!”


So today my friends remember to own your extraness….own your quirky, own your differences, it doesn’t matter the haters will still be talking about you…they have no life and they are mad you do, that you can dance to the beat of your own drummer.


They secretly want to have enough balls to do what you do, be who you are but they never will so they talk about you instead.


Go on talk about me…I got lots more for you to talk about…wait for it… wait for it……go on…talk about me…


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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