I got three jobs….Mon

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I got three jobs mon…


I joke around and tell everyone I am like a Jamaican “I got three jobs mon…”

(You have to say it with the Jamaican accent, it sounds better)

But it is true, I do. Last week my daughter said to me you love to work, I replied no, I have to work, I would love to sit on the beach all day and write, that’s what I would love to do for work, this I do to pay the bills.


Don’t get me wrong I do love what I do, I have incredible clients who I adore but to tell the truth, this…writing this blog, writing the book, this is my passion, this is my purpose.


While writing my book I would look up and realize I had been writing for eight or ten hours and it wouldn’t feel like it, that is passion. I am just doing everything else until this…. pays my bills full time.


I don’t think about all I do, I just do what I have to do, everyone in my family was hardworking, it’s ingrained in me, it is who I  am.


I didn’t get home the other night until 10:30 from a clients home. I started my day at 5 am at the gym then worked all day till then. It is what it is….I have me and my girls to support and I have no one to lean on, this is it, so I do what I have to do and don’t think about it.


To me this is a cake walk because when I was married I did all of this (Yes, three jobs) plus take care of 200 snakes,12 sugar gliders, 2 monkeys, 10 ferrets,100 lizards, 2 cats and a dog. I also on every Saturday took care of the lawn, the sprinklers, the pool and cleaning of all animals cages. Besides all the normal cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, Pta, room mom, classes for the girls and homework, Hell, this is easy now!


But there is a balance in my life though, I do play as hard as I work, I try not to work weekends and spend that time with my girls and my friends. I go places and do things, I truly enjoy my free time and live life large.


This month alone I’ve had friends come in from all over the country  (Hello, I live in Florida everyone wants to come here in the winter!)

I’ve left the lawn, the laundry and my closet which I should be embarrassed being a professional organizer but I’m not…I left it all undone to make memories with my friends and family. I now realize what is most important in my life, living it to the fullest.


I realized that life is too short and that one day on your death bed you won’t be saying “Wow I wished I worked more” no you will be saying “I wished I spent more time with my loved ones, doing what I enjoyed to do”


All the money in the world won’t change the missed moments you lost. So I try to make sure I get to see every moment, that I don’t have regrets when that day comes.


So today my friends,  remember that no matter how hard you have to work, take time to enjoy life, to remember what the important things in life are and know life is way too short not to stop and smell the flowers.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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