Happy birthday to my mini me

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Happy birthday to my mini me


It seems like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant,

I can remember when the doctor told me that he didn’t think I would carry this baby to full term, he was shocked I even got pregnant in the first place as my endometriosis was so bad.


I remember having pre labor and having to take medicine every 2 hours, all day and night, being on full bed rest, her crowing at 7 months, too many trips to the emergency room.


I remembered how I prayed every day to let me have this child I so wished for and God answered my prayers she came 3 weeks earlier on December 17, the exact day I had a miscarriage a year before.


Yes, she was truly a gift from God and she has been my gift ever since.


She was the best baby and the best little girl you could ask for. She always listened, never left my side, she became the best big sister and then she became my protector and defender as soon as she got old enough to see the pain I faced each and every day with her father.


She got more beatings than I can count, went to bed hungry on countless nights as she spoke up and against his behavior towards me. She should have been a child and I was supposed to protect her yet here she was protecting me.

God, how I wish I could erase the past and rewrite her childhood. I can never get over the guilt I carry by putting those burdens on a child…there are not enough words to say I am sorry.


She then got to a stage of rebellion, she got wild, she was almost uncontrollable, she ran with a fast crowd, got into all kinds of messes, was probably punished most of her teenage years, yet she always had a kind heart and a giving and caring nature and she was always still there protecting me.


When she finally asked me to leave, that if I was staying for her and her sister, that I shouldn’t do it. She wanted me to be happy and so her words gave me the strength to leave and know we would be okay.


The years since we left have been the best, there have been countless laughs, late night talks, sitting around the table actually eating together. She has grown into a beautiful, kind and compassionate young women.


She has a determination that is unbelievable  ( wonder where she got that from?)

I remember at 10 she drew up a contract that if she feed the sugar gliders every night for 6 months, we would buy her a monkey she desperately wanted, we all signed it never in a million years thinking she would do this without us telling her, but sheer determination made her fulfill her end and yes she got her monkey! That is who she is even back then.


She works, at one point two jobs and goes to school, she has faced unbelievable obstacles, she has lost more friends than a young woman should know of, she overcame a starker ex boyfriend and she proved her dad and so many others that said she couldn’t do it, wrong.


And she still went through it all with class, finesse and a beautiful heart.


So today my friends, I want you to wish my beautiful daughter a happy 19th birthday!

I am so proud of who you are, I am so proud of your accomplishments, your strength, your heart…I know you have this incredible future ahead of you, I know you can and will do anything you set your mind to..I know you will be my heart and my best friend until I take my last breath…


You my child have always been my best gift from God and I am so very grateful for him blessing me with you!


I love you to the moon and back!


” Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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