Hard work pays off…

When I moved out I took nothing, I wanted no reminders of my old life and the pain it caused me , I was determined to start fresh literally. 

I made a deal for 3000.00 he got it all, every piece of furniture in the house, now most people would say “you got ripped off, how can you furnish a whole house for that”  I on the other hand thought I got the better end of the stick, because if I would have sold all the stuff of craigslist and had to split the money with him I would have probably come away with 1500.00 at most. We all know used furniture goes for  penny’s on the dollar.So I did what I always do when facing a obstacle I focus and I am determined,  I went to every yard sale, consignment place,  and called more craigslist ads then you can imagine!

But as I always say I am blessed and I got my whole house furnished including new mattress for less than the money I got. Now did I have to put some effort into it yea, hard work and sweat,  I sanded, I painted, I recovered but now that its all done, I  proud of all of my hard work and effort. I have my own unique style and and flare.

it says beach casual, laid back and comfort with elegance and it also says freedom, peace and joy , new beginnings,  new life and most of all new me.

so yes hard work pays off all the time, remember faith without works is dead.

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