Hello, I am waiting

Hello! I am waiting….. yes we are all waiting on something and sometimes it seems like we have been waiting forever. We live in a drive through society, we want it now, fast, we feel like we are owed, come on, lets go, is our favorite saying. 


Sometimes because of our impatients, we jump into things that is not always so great for us. This is big when it comes to relationships, we want a wife , a husband or boyfriend or girlfriend that we can’t wait, we don’t listen to the inner voice, no we want it now! So we take the first one that comes around because we are afraid that if we don’t we will be alone and hey someone is better than no one right?


No!! Sometimes there is a reason, maybe you need to grow, maybe at this point of your life you need to be free to explore things you want to do and see, maybe just maybe, you need to learn a lesson that its better to be alone then to be with someone who makes you feel lonely. 


Maybe your waiting on your big break, you worked hard, you know that this is your purpose, you know you are good at what you do, yet come on when is this coming? You keep thinking.


 (Okay this part may be for me, hello I am human after all!) 


But maybe you are not ready yet, maybe God is lining up things on your behalf  and when your break comes you will be ready.

(like my recent public speaking engagements, two in the last two months!I am getting prepared to inspire thousands, millions of people, so I have to start small )


Do I have any doubt that this blog will be an international hit or that my book will be a New York Times bestseller  ( Hell, my spell check automatically types New York Times, I have put it out there so many times)


That I will be speaking to thousands of people? Hell, no I know its coming, just as I knew and put it out there that I was going to leave my marriage,that I would be able to support myself, that I was going to get the home I live in, that my life would be filled with peace and joy.


I had a vision, I had a dream, I envisioned it, I had a vision board, I ate this, breathe this and guess what?

 I got it, so do I not believe this will happen again, oh I am betting the house that it will. I have big faith, I have big dreams now I need big patients!


Yes, I like you want it now, come on when is it coming? But I know all good things come to those who wait, faith without works is dead, all in your season… I can go on and on and guess what? sometimes I do it to reinforce it in my head, that yes, its coming, just enjoy this moment, live in this second and have faith that it will come when you are ready , truly ready.






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