Holiday challange

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Holiday challange

I am challenging each and every one of you to take this challenge and then pass it on to a friend.

It’s the holiday season and there are so many people out there  that might be lonely or sad,
going through the motions of the holidays, just trying to get by. There might be a family who’s mom or dad recently got laid off and could use the help or an elderly neighbor that is alone and sick, let’s start this new year by paying it forward to mankind.

Pay for someone’s groceries at the store, ask a neighbor who is alone over for the holidays, help out a family that’s struggling this season, let’s start a challenge that changes the world one good deed at a time.

Let’s try to do a good deed for somone, I want everyone to post what they did and then pay it forward from now until Christmas, let’s see how many of you will step up and step out of the “it’s all about me,I am too busy box ”
This is the Christmas season, be Christ like, show love and kindness to others.

I will start by telling you my pay it forward moment  while pissed off standing in line at the 3rd post office  I went to trying to pick up a package there was a young boy about 17 or 18 next to me, I overheard him asked the guy at the counter how much it would be to send this package so it would get there before Christmas.

The postman said 20.00, the boy looked crushed and asked if was there any other way, the postman said no and then the boy asked how much to get it there after Christmas, he really wanted it to be there for Christmas.
I watched this young man look like he was going to cry, I don’t know who the package was for but it meant so much to him to get it there so someone could open it on Christmas day, it made me sad.

I took the 20.00 out and handed it to the postman and said to the boy, Merry Christmas, he looked at me shocked as did the postman and the other people I  line, the boy said “I can’t take this” I said “yes, pay in forward in another way …” he tried to give me the little money he had but I refused, he looked like he was going  to cry again, he thank me about 20 time’s, I wished him and merry Christmas grabbed my package  and left, when I tell you the feeling of joy to be able to help someone else out and make them happy was overwhelming to me.
This is the true spirit of Christmas. ..

So people I am waiting to hear your stories of paying it forward this season, let’s do this!!

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