Home town friends

There is nothing like home town friends, people you grew up with, that know you better than anyone else and still love you.

This weekend I had a home town reunion party it all started when a friend called and wanted to see me which then snowballed into two then three then four friends flying in from all over the country and more than lived here coming.

These friends I hadn’t seen in over thirty years and yet here they were flying in to see me. Did I think would they be the same? Would I still like them?

I come from a small town and it was different than any other small town, we were tight, we were raised opened minded, we took care of each other and still do.

So no I wasn’t afraid I was excited to see friends that knew all my secrets and still liked me.

When they arrived it was if no time had went by at all, we were back in the home town groove in no time.

There is nothing like friends you grew up with , things you never have to explain like “the well” others would ask “did you drink from it?on your property? What is it?” We know it was an old well we use to hang out at and party or the launch “what launch ?Kennedy space center” or swinging bridge “is that a bridge? Does it swing??”

No the boat launch at the lake , swinging bridge was the lake, but we have no need to explain, we get it.

We remember you with hair, braces and acne, ¬†we remember your first love, we knew how strict your parents were and who’s house we could hang out , these are the things that keep us bonded to each other.

There was about thirty people that showed up , all different ages and we had a ball, so many old memories and so many new ones.

So after four days “the big chill” style we were in sync with each other again and realize how very blessed we were to grow up in this small town with such wonderful small town people and even if we are scattered across the country we will always be ¬†connected.

Thank you all for the best house warming gift I could have ever received, love and friendship.

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