How blessed do I feel…

I always write about how blessed I am and I truly mean it each and every day! I was an only child, I always wanted ten brothers and sisters but my mom couldn’t have more children so I was it. So I chose to make my own family with my friends, I have had friends since childhood that I still speak to on a weekly basis.

I knew all of my friends were behind me when I decided to get divorced,  hell they were lining up to help me move out! They wanted to see me happy, my old self again so to be able to have a party in my new home and have friends come in from all over it is amazing! 

I remember I loved to entertain but we couldn’t be loud, we didn’t dance , it was a dead atmosphere and afterwards I wished I didn’t even do it.

But this is a new life and this will be a party that I want to throw with people I want to be with , people who don’t care if I curse, if I am loud or tell dirty jokes for these people know who I truly am and in spite of it are still my friends!

so once again I will say I am blessed and I am so grateful!

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