How can you look yourself in mirror

It amazes me the way some people behave, how do you look at yourself in the mirror and think its okay?

Does it make you feel better, does it make you a bigger person by putting others down?


How can you threaten or hold things over others heads to make sure you always have control and the upper hand?


Why must you show the world a perfectly painted picture on the outside and yet you are a dictator on the inside?


What are you so afraid of that you can’t change even at the risk of losing your family, your children?


Do you think they are going to stay after you no longer have anything to hold over them? Do you think they will stay when your constantly belittling them, telling them they are worth less and will never make it?


You obviously have no clue, see because while you were tearing them down , I was building them up, I was telling them they could do anything, that they are not “fuck ups” as you call them, that they might have Fucked up but that is by no means who they are or are going to be. 


They are teenagers, they will make mistakes, do things we don’t a prove of, that is not who they will be all of their lives. No I will continue to tell them that they are beautiful, smart, kind, self sufficient women at all times even when they have not made the right choices.


I will be here for them, I will never cut them out of my life because they don’t do what I want, I will not bring up their past sins and throw it in their faces every time we get into a fight.


 I will be here to let them know we all make mistakes, ask them what they learned and tell them to forgive themselves and others and move on.


I will continue to teach them to be kind to others, to lift people up, to help others , to be a blessing to everyone. 


I will show them to stand up for themselves, not to put up with a lying, cheating , disrespectful man, to know their self worth and the value of it.


Yes, I will be here building them up and God help you if you continue to do what you are doing because one day you will wake up a lonely, miserable man because no one could ever measure up to your standards but you. 


Until that day comes, my girls will know I am their biggest cheer leader, I will be their mom and I will love them and be here for them when they fall as well as when the succeed, I will love them unconditional always…. treats

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