How do you know what you can do if you quit

There were many days when I wanted to quit,  days when I prayed I wouldn’t wake up, days that I so wanted to end all my pain and suffering, but didn’t because I couldn’t imagine leaving my girls to be raised by my ex.

I wanted to quit, I really did but something inside some small hope the size of a mustard seed kept saying just hold on, just believe it will get better. I read books on positive attitude,  the secret,  if you believe it , you are it , you name it I made a vision board and some days as I folded laundry and cry because I hated my life so much I would look at them, close my eyes and see myself , strong, independent,  surrounded by people, places and things I loved and it would get me through that day , sometimes, only that hour but as Aa says even if you have to do one minute at a time to get through, you do it.

I had a friend come by last night and as we sat around in my new home , I was relaxed, it was confrontable, I wasn’t worried about criticism or coldness that use to be there when I invited someone over , it was mine and I am truly happy,  what would have happened if I would have quit? None of this, none of all the more blessings that are going to keep coming , so don’t quit , go minute by minute if you have to but don’t quit!


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