How much weight are you pulling in your cart?

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How much weight are you pulling in your cart?


I love to listen to Steve Harvey in the morning and recently he asked that question and it made me start thinking …. How many people are in your cart? Who is helping you?

And how many are dead weight?


He started by saying “You have a old wooden cart with wood wheels and a long thick rope, there are rope burns on your arms and shoulders from pulling it by yourself, but this is your cart and you have to pull it yourself. Hopefully you will find a good partner, one who will jump off the cart to give you water or feed you when your hungry. They will kick a rock out of your path or give you a push when you need it. They are helping you in your journey and are important with helping you and your cart.


Then you might have family or friends in your cart who have their legs off the side, kicking in the wind, they are helping you push alittle, their backs against yours giving you that little bit of extra help to get up that hill, they will kick some rocks out of your way, they are giving you some support.


Then there are the ones who are in your cart that are laying down drinking lemonade and asking when are they going to get there? What’s taking so long? Telling you that your never going to get there, saying you know the journey is too long, that its impossible…  you know the kind… dead weight…


We all have some dead weight in our lives, people that are negative, that never see the good, that always have something to say. We need to cut them out like cancer, they got to go, its infecting you and everyone around them.

Yes, they might be family or they might be your best friend, but it doesn’t matter they have to go!


I speak on this because I have cut the cancer from my life. Yes, I am a loyal friend till the end but there has to come a time when you are getting sick because of them, they are trying to keep you down when you need to fly!


You have to realize that,

its not that you don’t love them but this is for your own health, it’s your life,

you need to get rid of the dead weight!


So today my friends, figure out how many of people you know are the dead weight in your own cart? Come on you know who it is!

Throw them out, that hill is way to steep to make it unless everyone is helping you to make it up to the top. Everyone wants to get to the top with you yet no one wants to put the effort in when it gets tough, when the hill is the steepest, when it’s hot and your tired and it seems like you’ll never get there. No, they just want the glory when you get there.


Believe me once they are gone your will feel the weight taken off your shoulders, litterally!

You need to put you first,

its okay, the world is not going to end if you do this! Believe me. And when you do that mountain is not going to look so hard after all.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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