How the movie The color purple effected my life

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On the plane ride home from Greece I watched one of my favorite movies, The Color Purple. I haven’t watched that movie since my divorce and I can’t tell you how I cried as I watched it, because that movie mimics my life and how now it means so much more to me now that I am free.

That movie was a role model for my life, that no matter how bad your life is, that if you don’t stop believing anything is possible.

All through the movie , Celie has it rough, first a terrible childhood, then her horrible father marries her off, her husband treats her like she is less than human, he curses at her, he puts her down, he tells her she was nothing, ugly and stupid.

He separates her from her only sister for years, his family treats her bad, she gives up hope until Sug comes along and they become friends, she tells her she is beautiful and smart and is worthy. See you only need one person to believe in you, to be there for you, to let you know all you have forgotten about yourself.
One person that can change it all in your life.

I had that life, I had that horrible childhood, I had that insanely jealous, controlling, verbally abusive husband that pulled me away from friends and family.
I too lost all hope and didn’t like myself, I could so relate to Celie.

She finds out that he has been keeping all of her sister letters from her, as she reads them, she gets stronger and she has had enough, , she tells him during a holiday dinner, what she wanted to for so many years and had never had the courage to, he tells her she will never have anything without him, she would be nothing, is nothing.

As she is getting into the car she turns and sticks her fingers in his face and says (my favorite line in the whole movie)

“What you’ve have unto me has already been done onto you!”
“Ha I maybe be black, I maybe be dumb, I might even be ugly but I am still here!”

She leaves to make a new life for herself, she comes home when her dad dies to find out he really wasn’t her dad , that the house, the property and the store was her real dad’s and now it’s hers. It is her season now, she is happy, she is free.

See she went through all of that, but this was her season, she waited and God gave to her all she lost and more than she could ever dream of.

He ex husband as true to her curse on him, is now a drunk, house falling apart, chickens running amok ,his life is a mess.
See God will let you have a front seat to karma, you need not do anything.

I did that, I left, with nothing and on the day I was moving out and he was still spitting hatred at me, I said those words to him, I was free, his words will never effect me again.

I also had my own Sug,  that told me how worthy I was, that I could do this and I believed, I prayed and yes, God listened, this is my season, I am stronger, I am filled with joy and peace, this season will give me back all that was lost.

I am Celie and she is me…you are Celie and you are me, we are all the same, you can get through all your going through.

So today my friends, know that your season is coming, God knows your pain and if you keep believing, your season is just around the corner.

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