How time flies part 1

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How time flies part 1…


I can not believe that a year ago today I closed on my new home, it seems like yesterday.


I remember thinking this may never happened, how did I actually get approved at all? How did I get a home for 30,000 less then market value? A million things went through my head as I prayed that this would close.


I remember when my landlords told me they were selling, after they assured me when I moved in that they weren’t planning to.

I was shocked I had just been there a year and so didn’t want to pack up and look for another place again so I asked them if I could make an offer. I had just started my business and wasn’t making much, I also just started another job but had only been there a few weeks, I never thought I would be approved but I said what the hell, I’ll try.


I went to church that week and a new pastor was filling in and said someone here is trying to buy a new home sow a seed of 15.50 and you will get this home for 150,000. I have crazy faith so I sowed a seed of 150.00.


The next day I got approved, I was shocked and then I gave my landlords a offer of yup..150,000 which they promptly laughed at, okay we finally agree to 167,000

I knew it needed a new air-conditioning unit, new water heater and a new kitchen, it needed work to the outside and I hated the floors. I knew I would have to put in at least 10-15 thousand dollars so I thought it was a good deal.


They agreed, I got an attorney and drew up the papers, I gave them a down payment and I thought we were good to go. Not! They came back and said they wanted more money after we agreed to this price.


I was pissed and started looking at other places, I put in two other bids in other properties but was out bid on both. One day as I was telling this to our property manager she said she knew of one for sale and took me there. I walked in, it needed to be gutted but I saw the potential and asked how much? Yes, you got it 150,000. I wrote the offer right there and 28 days later I was closing on this house. Truly a God miracle that got me here.


The closing got pushed back twice and I sat there on pins and needles praying it would close as I needed to get out of leased house.  Finally they called the day before Christmas eve, it was happening. As I was signing the papers I was crying uncontrollable, this was real I was free and I was buying my first home on my own and I had never been so happy!


I still can’t believe it’s been a year since then, it has been an incredible year with some of my happiness times and some of my ¬†darkest days, yet through it all I have been grateful, grateful for being so blessed, for my girls, my family, my true friends who’ve stuck by me and my church and church family, I know it could have been another way.


So today my friends remember life flies by in a blink of an eye…it can go from the bottom to the top in a split second and just when you get comfortable it will knock the wind out of you yet again but through it all just remember my mother’s favorite saying… “This too shall pass”


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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