Hurricane Irma what I am grateful for

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Hurricane Irma, what I am grateful for


You would think what could I possibly be grateful for with a category 4 hurricane that almost wiped us out.


I always look on the bright side of everything and I am grateful for many things. I have learned to always look for the lessons this and other things has taught me.


I am grateful to God,  that he gave me peace on the mist of chaos.

I never panicked, I prayed instead.


I am grateful for my ex taking my girls to safety, I am glad they weren’t here and instead having a blast with their family.


I am grateful for my girls and their boyfriends who helped me shutter up the house and take everything in.


I am grateful God gave me a positive attitude when everyone around me seemed like they lost their minds. Rude people, in long lines, but I just smiled and knew God would provide.


I am grateful for my friends and my bestie, that keep telling me to leave and not ride this out by myself.


I am grateful to my niece and her husband for opening up their home to me.


I am grateful for a special person who texted me all night making me laugh and for calming my fears in the middle of the storm.


I am grateful I had the mind to pack my suitcase with stuff for my L.A./Vegas trip and that God made it possible for me to fly out right after the storm.


I am grateful for my neighbors who watched my animals, checked my home and helped me clean up while I was gone.


I am grateful I learned that material things aren’t important, as I looked around my home it was the photos and a few mementos that

really meant anything at all to me.


I am grateful that the damage I had wasn’t worst and it surly could have been.


I am grateful I got to see a high school friend and that he would take time out just to pick me up from the airport, just to spend some time with me


I am grateful I got to reconnect with a dear friend who I hadn’t seen in 20 years and realize that it was just like it was 20 years ago! Like we never missed a beat.


There were so many lessons I’ve learned during this storm and I am grateful that I am still being taught lessons, even after all these years.


So today my friends remember, you are never too old to learn lessons

As bad as the storms are you must stop and remember what is most important, that you can be grateful even while going through your storms and that eventually the storms will end.


It might not look the same, some things might be gone or changed forever, but the sun will come out again and the storm will wash away all you don’t need to make room for better things, a bigger crop, a better life.


Don’t be afraid of the storms in your life, when you walk out of it you won’t be the same, that is what the storms are all about.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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