I am grateful to be an American…

There are so many things I am grateful for in my life but today makes me grateful to be an American! Yes September 11 was one of the worst days in history for our country but somehow throughout the tragedy we became one as a people. People helped their neighbors, our brave men and women saved many people and many died trying. My city of New York which had always been thought of as a cold uncaring city, showed the world what we were made of, that yes we are tough but we have hearts of gold, it also showed you will never keep us down! This day changed our perception of what is means to be an American, NO, you were not going to divide us, just the opposite we came together as nation, mad as hell and ready to fight for our freedom and our country!

So today I am so grateful to be an American, to know that I live in a country that is so passionate about our right for freedom, that people from around the world would risk their lives to get that gift, that young men and women are brave enough to fight for those freedom and that I am able to right this blog and say what I wish, through freedom of speech, it is amazing and I am grateful.

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