I am like Mayweather

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I am like Mayweather


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard about the fight of the year, against Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, that was this weekend.


Mayweather is the undefeated champion of the world, with 49 wins under his belt. McGregor is a MMA champion but is not a trained boxer, so with 4 months of training, he decided to fight this champion.


If you didn’t see the fight, the first 5 rounds it looked like McGregor was winning, he came out and was giving it to Mayweather. But if your a true boxing fan you already knew that Mayweather stays back the first few rounds, he feels you out, he let’s you tire yourself out, he figuring out your style and then he shows his stuff!


See I love boxing because yes, it takes skill, it takes training but most of all, it takes heart. A heart of a boxer is something your born with, you get beat up, your bloody and bruised. You might even be down for the count but never, never count them out, because they can pull from their heart, their courage, their inner strength and come back for a knock out.


A few people I was with thought McGregor was going to win, but I knew Mayweather’s heart, I knew he was a true boxer and he was going to pull it out and true to form….

Floyd Mayweather Beats Conor McGregor by 10th-Round TKO in this megafight!


Yes, this is how I live my life and how you should as well. Never count me out, never bet against me, even if I fall down, even when they are doing the eight count, don’t bet your house because I will be back.


I will reach deep down, I will pull out my faith, my strength, I will remember how many other times I was knocked down and how many times I pulled myself out and I will get up and then whoop your ass!


Yes, I am a fighter, I know that all the fights, I fought, were training. All the tests were just making me stronger, they were giving me a testimony to be able to tell others not to give up.

To say, look at me, you counted me out, you didn’t think I could do it, you bet against me but ha! What do you have to say now?


I refuse to give up, I have been through too much to throw in the towel, I know my season is coming and I will be the champion.


Yes, I’ve had a shitty life, lots of things that have came at me, I’ve been knocked down, beat up, left for dead. Most others would have given up, raised the white flag, but not me, I am here for a purpose to teach my daughter’s strenght, to show them they are winners, that you never give up.


I am here to preach this word to them and the rest of the world…to have a boxer’s heart, to never give up, to get up time and time again because you too have a heart of a champion!


So today my friends remember, it’s never too late, you may be in the last minutes of the 12th round, you may have lost every other round, they counted you out but until that last bell rings, until then, your still in it, and when you pull your inner strength from within, you can and will knock that sucker out!


You my friends are a winner, we will never give up, yes, we are like Mayweather, a true champion.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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