I am so proud of you

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


I am so proud of you…


Why is it so hard to say these words to one another? Why is it that so many people cannot be happy for others success and let them know? Is it because the spotlight isn’t on them? That maybe they haven’t gotten to where they think they should be and so they can’t be proud of someone else’s accomplishments?


I never look down on someone unless I am giving them a hand up…. I am as happy for them as if it was happening to me, I have no malice, no jealousy or no why isn’t it me thoughts.


When my friend’s car had broken down and she was in a tough position being a single mom and didn’t know how she was going to replace it, her uncle came and gave her his car. When she called me I cried, I was so happy for her, she so deserved it and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.


The other day as I was speaking to my first love, he was telling me about all he was doing trying to get his invention pattern and marketed and when he was done, I stopped and told him how very proud I was of him.

He had done all his research and sounded like he was there, ready to go with this and I wanted to let him know that I got all of his hard work and that I believed in him and his dream.


He told me that it meant a lot to him, just to have someone else to believe. I know that feeling as I remembered all the encouraging words he had given to me when I was in my darkest days and I knew how I held on to them like a drowning person holding on to that small piece of wood.


For so long I’ve talked about my book and when it was coming.

I had a few people behind me telling me that they were proud of me, the two most important people were my girls, that kept me going when it seemed impossible. Those 5 words

“I am proud of you” kept me going and let me know I was never going to stop.


You never know how much a few words can mean, can give another hope to keep going, sometimes a few encouraging words can literally save a person’s life.


So today my friends, tell someone your proud of them, that you believe in them, that you know that they can do it….you can literally change a life.



“Be the change you want to see”


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