I like looking at snow. ..from Florida

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


I like looking at snow…from Florida


When I woke up this morning at 5 am ( Yes, I get up at that ungodly hour every morning to get to the gym)


I checked my phone and even though I have lived in Florida for the last 25 years I have a weather update set for New York.

This morning it read -10 with a wind chill of -30.


Really?? Minus 30? Your kidding!!

Now as much as I love New York and no matter how long I have lived here, I will always be a New Yorker in my heart. There is no place in the world like New York, the action, the people, the breathtaking beauty of upstate, the incredible beaches of Long Island, yes New York has it all….except for one small fact…they have winter…long and cold from the beginning of October till the beginning of May.


Yes, I can remember snow on my birthday, in the beginning of October and still wearing winter coats on easter and beyond.

I don’t even remember not wearing a coat over my Halloween costume, it was like you were a flasher, Happy Halloween quick open your jacket, flash your costume, quick close your jacket.


I remember the blizzards we would have when you opened your front door and saw a wall of snow that you had to push past to get outside to now shovel your walkway, the path to the car and then have to start on your now frozen car and pray it started.


Yes, you had to wake up at least an hour earlier and maybe more because when you were done even if it was 20 below, now you were all sweaty and tired and had to clean up again before you went to work.


I remember the heat not being hot enough until you pulled into work,so you froze all the way there. I remember the furnace dying in the middle of the night and waking up like a human popsicle.


I remember busting my ass on the ice way more times then I care to admit,

I remember on the coldest days my car not starting and having to wait outside in the hail and sleet for someone to help you  (Yes. No cell phones back then, imagine that? )


People think snow is beautiful and yes, it is the first night maybe on a Friday or Saturday when you didn’t have to go anywhere, when your looking at it from your window, before the plow and salt trucks come and make it a dirty mess, before your car, your boots, your pants bottoms look like they’ve been through a war.


When you didn’t have to chop wood, carry into the house and stoke the wood stove all day and all night so that you didn’t wake up in human popsicle form! (Yes, I did this, hello I was an only child, free labor for my poor parents!)


Yes, as I read this, as I look at the news I think I am so happy I live here in the winter, we have one box in the crawl space of winter clothes, we pull down once or twice a year. Our winter coat is a leather jacket, our idea of cold is 60 degrees.

Yes, this is the cold weather I am use to now. Thank you very much.


Don’t get me wrong as soon as spring comes I will be wishing I was back home in New York and if there was ever global warming I would be packing my things and be out of here, moving right back there.

But until then I will be watching it right here…from Florida.


So today my friends back home, keep warm, get ready for the blizzard that’s coming and dream about sunny south Florida, your room is ready…the beach is calling your name, pull down that one summer box from your attic and come on down!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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