I needed everything that happened to me…

Yes I needed everything that happened to me in the exact order it came in. Would I change anything? No, because I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the things I went through.

if you knew what you were going to have to go through you would have said “no way, thanks but no thanks” I will take  a different road, that is why God doesn’t reveal what’s going happen. 

You need to lose to have the fight to win, you have to be on the bottom to get the gumption to want to pull yourself up.

Michel Jordan was told he couldn’t play basketball,  they cut him from the team. Really? Did he quit ? No he kept going and look what happened to him.

Yes there will be horrible times, lows so low that you cant see the light, I will not sugar coat it and say “hey, if you believe and give it to god things will be peachy forever” please! That is not real and its definitely not going to happen.

But you will feel the peace, you will know that no matter what happens you will get through it  and you will come out the other side better, stronger  a different person who will be strong and know that you will survive, you are more than a conquer, you are a overcomer!

You can have a testimony unless you have a test, you cant help others unless you know exactly where they have been and know that you can get through it.

So this is where you are suppose to be right now .

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