I no longer stress

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I no longer stress


With all that is going on in the world today, people losing their minds, killing people, hatred, and the all out disrespect of each other and others feelings, you would think I, like most of the world would be stressed out.


Times are tougher, especially when your a single mom of two girls. Being a business owner that brings in the money and the business, means even more stress.

Trying to maintain a long distance relationship, working three jobs, writing and promoting a daily blog and taking care of a home all by myself, would be enough to pull your hair out and keep you awake at night.


At one point I remember it did, I was sick, couldn’t sleep, lost my hair, couldn’t eat, lost weight (okay maybe that one wasn’t so bad) I was a mess! I was stressing over ever “what if”


Even making up shit to stress over because what the real shit wasn’t big enough?


Who knows but we all do it, we don’t have the house yet but are already thinking what if I can’t pay? What if they throw me in the street? Where will we live? Hello! You don’t even own a house yet your making shit up about shit that may or may not even happen, why do we do this?


Yes, this was me until I realized that I had to change, I was literally making myself physical sick. Wow, imagine your mind can do that? You can become sick over your own thoughts. Pretty amazing, powerful tool your mind is huh?


I decided to change my thoughts, what if I stop worrying about everything? What if I gave it to God and let it go? What if I went to bed thinking of the amazing things I wanted my life to be instead of worrying about the bills or all the “what if’s”


What if I had faith that everything would be alright, that no matter what happens, I would still be grateful. I would still give praise, I will still hold on to this mind change?


See I already learned that worrying about things don’t change the outcome.

Come on, be real when did you ever worry about something and then it didn’t happen or your worrying changed the outcome?


No, neither one of these things ever happen, believe me I tried.


From the day I changed my thoughts, was the day my life changed forever. I live in a peaceful place, does it hurt my heart all that’s going on in this world? Absolutely but I can’t worry about it, can I do my part, yes, I can show more love? Yes, I can even write about it, but worry? No, I can’t.


People say “You fly all the time aren’t you worried about terrorist?”

No, I can cross the street and get hit by a bus, does that mean I should never cross the street or worry about it every time I do?

No, that’s just crazy, yet we do it all the time.


Our minds are like a computer what ever you upload stays in there, it gets imprinted in there, if you believe nothing good ever happens to you, that you can’t do this or that…guess what? You’ll never be able to do it but if you say I can do anything, I refuse to quit, you can and will do anything, it’s all up to you (sound familiar?)


So today my friends, the question is, why program your mind to worry? Program it for peace, for joy, no matter what is going on around you, program it for tolerance, for love…


Let it all go, the bills, the problems, the haters, it will still be here long after we are dead and gone, why waste the precious time we have here on all of that. Let it go and repeat after me

“I no longer stress…I no longer stress”


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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