I own my truth…do you?

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I own my truth…do you?


It took me a long time to get to this place, to be honest with myself and the world. It wasn’t an easy road, it’s still not easy but I fought my way here and here is where I am staying.


I have never intentionally hurt anyone, I have never called anyone out ….(Okay besides Mr.Con Artist but that was a public service announcement) but I have always spoken my truth…


I have been honest about who I am, what I’ve done, owning my own shit but here’s the thing, your not going to call me out and expect me to sit there…

I wear my heart on my sleeve, I am nothing, if I am not raw and real.


You want to talk about me…that’s fine…people have talked about me as long as I can remember…I was called a whore all through school when I was actually a virgin… people mistook my self confidence as snottiness, people talked about me because I was poor and from the wrong side of the tracks…see talk doesn’t hurt me…


You want to hate…go for it…it just means I am doing what I am supposed to do… rising higher….

See when people see you rising higher…they start to hate….don’t worry about them…your eyes are set to what is above you, not to what is below you.


I refuse to let your words pull me down…I will survive…see I always do…


I know my words hit a nerve….good or bad…..because they are said in thruth….something so many people can’t do….speak the truth….


Be who they truly are…bare their souls to the world, for it to judge you…. but I have no problem with my truth…I lived the lies for too long….like it or not… bam, here it is!


See I don’t call out people, I call out injustice…. if you good and kind I call it out, I will speak to that…if your unkind, if you do crappie things I will speak to that as well….


Someone I once loved said…”Don’t do shitty things and you won’t have to be worried about being called out”

Truer words have never been spoken…..


And no, I don’t just have big balls behind the computer screen….I will call you out to your face as well…. see I will continue to call out the truth….


It’s funny how sometimes when I write a blog, so many people will message me and ask if that was about them….I laugh and say no…


But I obviously hit a nerve, so what does that say about you?

I write about what’s in my heart….I write about pain and sorrow,¬†about hope and light, about being a better person and about screwing up time and time again….because that is life….that is real….that is truth…..


I would never say I was your friend to your face, then talk behind your back, I would never do something to intentionally hurt someone publicly, I would never believe one side of a story without checking the facts of the another side…


This is my truth…you might not like my truth, my truth may scare you, because it hits so close to your home, you might be pissed, how could I possibly put that out there? Why would I?


It’s just like that old saying.. “The truth will set you free!”

I am free indeed….


There is nothing you can say about me that I haven’t already put out for the world to see, yes…I had a drug and alcohol problem, yes… I was raped, yes…I had an abortion, yes… I pick losers, yes…my kids screw up, yes….I hurt and cry…yes ….I am Christian but so not perfect…I am human.


So go on say what you want about me…I will still be here speaking my truth while you are trying to deflect from yours.


I own mine loud and proud…


So today my friends remember it is a choice, your choice.. you can either hide your truth or you can own it, like a badge of honor.


See my words either attract a strong mind or offend a weak one….which one are you?


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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