I will pray for you…

Even after all the horrible years I was in a abusive marriage I have learned to forgive.Was it easy? Hell no , did it come over night? Again no!

But to be able to move on with my life I needed to forgive for me not for him, I couldn’t start a new life with hatred and bitterness in my heart.

I had to forgive to start my life off on a clean slate and let it go, focus on all the good I have now, not waddle in the past feeling sorry for myself. No! I did what I did, I allowed him to treat me like that, I’ve learned my lessons and I moved on.

Recently on a phone call about our children he started to spew nasty, horrible things at me, telling me what a horrible mother I was , how after all I did I should die and other unmentionables. 

At that moment I realized how sorry I felt for him, that he was so bitter and angry for losing control, for me deciding to end our marriage not him. I was living this life of glory, in peace and joy with all these blessings happening to me and all these incredible people in my life.

He was still holding on to hate, it was then I decided to pray for him, I would never want to live like that, to end up like my grandmother a bitter old women , no never I seen first hand how that poison runs through your veins and how it eats you alive.

No I don’t wish that on my enemies, let alone a man who is the father of my children. No I wish him peace and joy and hopefully he has learned his lesson in all of this, that he would own his part as I have owned mine and get on with his life.

I know now that all of his unkind words no longer have any effect on me, those days are long gone.

I know who I am and I know whose I am,the child of the most High God and the only one I need to answer to is him.

So on this eve before thanksgiving forgive those who have hurt you , its amazing how much better you will feel and how many more blessings will come into your life!

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