I’d rather eat crumbs with bums than steak with snakes

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I’d rather eat crumbs with bums, then steak with snakes


I’d rather eat crumbs with bums then steak with snakes. When I read that yesterday on Facebook and I thought that is so true. When I was leaving my ex husband that is what I kept thinking and this quote was even more meaningful to me because if you didn’t know my ex bred snakes, yup I can’t make this up people.


Yes, for years we bred snakes, monkeys, sugar gliders, parrots, lizards, ferrets, you name it we bred it and sold them. For years when I had no voice (I had gave my power way years before to him) so my “job” was to clean all the cages and feed all these animals, at one point we had over 300 animals.


It was a dirty, nasty job and not one I ever inspired to, nope I’m more of a cat (a, not plural) person, a dog person, not 2,4 ,6,8 ONE dog, yet here I was free labor for this literally crappy job.


We made big money from this, nice house fancy car (he drove, not me) lots of 5 star vacations, lots of toys, four wheelers, boats, jet ski, motorcycles, oh yeah we had it all and yes, I liked that lifestyle until it was eating my soul alive.


I was selling my soul for “this fancy lifestyle” but I was dying inside, I was degraded, put down, belittled, called every name you could imagine Yes, there was a huge price tag for my luxury life.


Then one day, I had enough, all the money in the world wasn’t enough to keep me there, my girls were older and had a say in where they wanted to go, I was no longer petrified of his threats of taking my girls and me never seeing them again. No, God gave me strength to know that even if I had to “eat crumbs with bums” I would be happy, I would be free.

So I walked away and yes it was hard, no I didn’t get alimony, I got hardly anything but I got something no money can buy…. peace and joy in my life.


Every day I give thanks for my wonderful life I now have. So let me tell you how much better peanut butter tastes than lobster…. Priceless!!


So today, be real, are you selling your soul for that Gucci purse? Are you eating steaks with snakes? How much is your soul worth? Your answer should be “Sorry not for sale, excuse me I have resovations with my friends on the corner of I am I am free lane and I am at peace Blvd.


“Be the change you want to see”


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