I’d rather eat crumbs with bums, than steak with snakes

That is such a huge question, are you really that insecure? but believe me there are plenty of people out there that are.

Yes, you know the type, hell you might even be dating or married to the type. The ones who are so insecure that you can’t have friends of the opposite sex, some are so insecure they wont even “let” you talk to the opposite sex.

Really? Cause you will jump over the counter and attack the bank teller with the bank teller with the cute smile or let the fed ex man in for a quickie or better yet the friend you have known since you were kids, that lives across the country and has always been there for you through thick and thin, yes, you might have cyber sex with even though you’ve slept in the same bed with not so much as a kiss in thirty years ?

This is all about their insecurities not yours, this is their problem, don’t make it yours.

I had an ex husband who thought I was screwing everyone, I am not kidding and he would accuse me every day. If I was having that much fun I wouldn’t had enough time to clean his house, cook his meals, clean the yard and the pool and take care of his kids and 200 plus animals every day! give me a break!

I just lost a friendship over this and it has hurt me to the core, we have been friends since we were thirteen and last summer when I went home he was there for me to help me get over my divorce, he always makes me laugh and I truly enjoy his friendship and am grateful for it and what he has helped me gotten through.

He met a girl right after I left and I was so happy for him, he’s a great guy and she seems like a great girl that makes him happy. I was their biggest cheerleader but she obviously is insecure and doesn’t like the fact that we were hanging out “before” he met her, so needless to say we are no longer friends and I so miss his friendship.

It sucks! We didn’t have a love affair, we were friends and even if we did so frigging what? If you don’t trust your partner you have nothing! They can cheat at work, they can cheat any time or any place with anyone, point is, if they are going to cheat, then they will.

You being insecure about it is not going to change the situation one bit! No if anything it will put more of a strain on the relationship.

I have never been insecure, my theory is I will trust you until you give me reason not to.

And if you do cheat, well…read my blogs I will kick your ass to the curb, no second chances, your loss not mine. Next! But I refuse to sit around and worry about imaginary stuff!

Get real, believe that you are worthy, draw you line in the sand in the beginning “Btw I will not tolerate a lying, cheating man, if you do, its over no second chances” then get on with your relationship.

Stop worrying about it, don’t break up a long time friendship, because eventually they will get sick of your insecurities and will dump your butt and go running back to their friends just like I did, I realized my friends will always be there for me.

Just think of how many relationships you’ve been through with one friend? Yup see my point?

So if your dating someone now and they are insecure, Run! Run Forrest run!! That is a warning sign of other insecurities to come later, trust me!

Love and trust that is what a relationship is based on, if you don’t have that then just be single and enjoy life!



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