If you never try…
December 11, 2013 Uncategorized

You never know if you never try, this was never so relent then this weekend when I had a house full of friends, years of memories and a lot of alcohol. 

For years lots of my friends had hidden and not so hidden feelings for others we went to school with. This reunion weekend with a little help from some drinks (okay maybe a lot of help) people decided to take a chance and express their feelings to their crushes, first loves, and people they still thought about for the last thirty years.

Hey, if you don’t try you will never know , what if that other person felt the same way for you and was too shy to tell you back then? And for all these years always thought “what if” 

Two of our friends, two years ago made a love connection after thirty years and couldn’t be happier . Unfortunately we had no love connections this weekend but at least we all got to express what we were holding in for thirty years and then be able to put it to rest.

It was definitely eye opening for a lot of us to hear that someone thought about you for that long and that their perception of things that happened so long ago were so different than yours.

Some of us needed to see things in a different light to realize maybe that person is not so good for you and its time to let go.

We all had different outcomes but at least we all took the chance, stepped out, said what was in our hearts and at least got some kind of answers to our questions that were in our heads for years.

Isn’t it better than saying “what if ” “I wish I knew” “I should have..”  if you never try , you’ll never know!


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