I’m ashamed that Christians did this

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I am ashamed that Christians did this…


Last week after the shootings in Orlando,

I wrote a week long series of love, kindness and tolerance.

Hoping to try to make sense out of these senseless hate killings.


I thought I was done but I can not sit by and not comment on what happened a few days ago at the funeral of these victims.


It was sickening and the cruelest thing one “human being” could possibly do to another, in their time of grief.


I am hurt that people who say they are “Christians” who say they love one another, could come out and hold signs that say

“This is what you get, God is your enemy” Signs that say “Die Fag…Gays should die”


You are not Christian, you should be ashamed to call yourself Christian, how dare you cast the first stone, are you without sin? Are you that perfect? Have you have no heart?

That at the funeral of these senseless victims, you could actually be out there “preaching” hate.


You are not Christian, you are no better than the murderer who did this, you wonder why people are so again Christian’s and the church, really??


Look at your behavior who would want to be in a church, a religion which promotes hate, hell you might as well have wore a white sheet!


You are no better than the KKK, you are no better than the terrorists, you are no better than the radicals out there, except you carry a bible so you think it makes you holy, beyond reach.

No it makes you a hypocrite, it makes you a hate mongol just like the rest of them.


I am all for freedom of religion, I tell you all the time, believe in whatever gets you through your day, but for you to promote hate, for you to have no compassion for the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, families and friends who lost someone, who are grieving and hurting.


For you to go there, make signs, spew your hatred in their faces, you should be ashamed of yourselves to even call that Christianity.


Where does it say in the bible, hate one another? Where does it say, you are perfect, without sin? Where does it say have no compassion for another human being?


Tell us please… lets get Christian here, oh Yes, I am going there….Did Jesus throw the first stone? Did he throw out his apostles for being thief’s and murders yet he knew what they were? Did Jesus preach hate?


No, bible thumpers, he didn’t! He preached love, kindness, compassion and tolerance, something you have clearly missed while trying to shove your bible down others throats, you missed that part or have decided to purposely leave that part out while you stand above others and give out YOUR judgment.


So today my friends, again I am asking you to pass this message on to everyone you know, let them know not all “Christians” feel this way, not all “Christians” are full of hate and condemnation.


Some of us actually believe in love, kindness, compassion and tolerance for one another, no matter what they believe in, what lifestyle they choose, what color they are, what religion they believe in, some of us just believe that love conquers all, that love will overcome hate, that love is the answer.


Pass the message of love around today…


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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