I’m not lucky… I am blessed

There is no luck in my life, I have always been blessed,  even when life got really dark and I didn’t think I could hold on for one more day I always counted my blessings.  Even if it was thank you for a home and bed to sleep in I still gave thanks.

Now with things falling into place I hear “oh your so lucky!” Really do you know my testimony? Do you know what I have endured in my life? This is so not luck this is Gods grace and favor this is my testimony for the test I’ve been through.

This had nothing to do with luck, I am here for a reason,  I’ve been through what I’ve been through for a reason, so that one day I could be here trying to inspire others not to lose hope, that it is not in vain, all the tears you have cried, they have made you stronger, they opened your eyes up to the person you can become if you believe!

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and God knows the reason,  he already knows the ending and it is so much better than you’ve ever dreamed, believe me I know.  

So before you say “your so lucky” to a person,  know their story , its not luck its blessings.  



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