Incredible blessings

In the last year I have seen so many blessings happen that it has made my head spin.

The first of many blessings is when after looking for a job for eight months, I decided to open up my own business, just as I was getting it off the ground, I get a job offer, a really incredible job offer and so against all the signs that I was showed, I took it knowing it wasn’t were I was suppose to be.


Well… they let me go after one day, one day! They said they didn’t have the time to train me?? I went home and cried really now what? But God had plans for me because the very next day my phone started to ring with clients for my business and I was off and running. 


The second blessing was when I was getting divorced and I knew I was getting alimony,  I deserved it, I prayed about it and yet I got nothing! I was shocked, I walked outside and I get a email that i had a contract for my business, yes that new business I had just started , I had just sold it…. unbelievable!


I got a townhouse that was just like the one I was dreaming about, right in the neighborhood I wanted to live in.


and yesterday my friend called to tell me that he was blessed with a business, someone he knew gave him their business, just like that! They wanted to bless someone else and he was it, they weren’t friends, they just knew each other from church. 


Your all thinking, yea right! Come on!

But I can’t make this up, these were unbelievable things that happened, yes there are all kinds of blessings out there, unexplainable and  incredible blessings. 


One of my Bishops favorite story is that God had told him to buy the Sunrise Musical Theater, now he was just starting out in a little church with not much money.


 The county was selling this building and land for 11 million dollars, he was lucky he had 11 thousand dollars, yet he listened an went to them and made a offer, three times they turned him down, three times God told him to go back.


He was thinking, why I don’t have the money this is a waste of time, well wouldn’t you know the forth time they accepted his offer and now he’s thinking now what? But yup you guessed it, God came through somehow he got 11 million dollars and the rest is history.


 It is now home to The Faith Center and has grown from a store front to a church of 10,000 members. 


When I write about faith and blessings, I am writing from experience, when I tell you anything is possible, I know that is true, when I say believe, its because I look down at my foot everyday and see my tattoo that says it and I know I can believe in miracles.


Open your mind, open your heart,know that no dream is too big or too unattainable as long as you have faith.


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