Inspiring others

Inspiring other’s

Recently I got a new follower on Instagram and she messaged me to tell me she stumbled across my page and that she had to reach out and tell me how inspiring she thought I was.

I was humbled to say the least, everytime someone reaches out to me, I feel the same way. I am blessed that people actually take their time to read my blogs, watch my videos or follow me on social media.
I am especially shocked when so many men tell me that, as I originally started this blog to empower women. I guess raw truth is universal and touches everyone, either way I am truly grateful for all my readers and followers.

She asked why and how I do what I do, I wrote back to tell her I know what it means for someone to reach out, as someone did to me when I was at my lowest point and how that littrrally changed my life as I was planning to kill myself that night.

I know what a kind word, or how proud I am of you, can do this. Saying to a person, never give up, you can make it…can mean to them. You might think it’s small and nothing but to someone who maybe was put down all the time, someone who is on the edge, you never know how that may change their outlook, their day or their life.

I know I didn’t go through all the shit I went through for no reason, no…it was for this testimony, it was so I can pass this on to others, this is my purpose.

So yes, I will keep uplifting other women, I will constantly tell them how proud I am of them, how beautiful they are, how smart they are and that they are my hero’s because we all need to do this, we all need to build each other up, not tear each other down.

I can’t stand nor do I watch any of these reality shows where the “women”
(which I say lightly because real women don’t do this, only little girls that have never grown up) beat each other down, call each other names, cut each other with horrible words and actions. No, I no time for such nonsense, this is not what I want to teach the next generation to think, that it is okay…its Not! And it will never be!!

That is what is wrong in today’s society, everyone thinks they are better than someone else, we all bleed red when did we forget that?
When did we forget compassion, tolerance and love? We need to show each other, show strangers that we are all one and when one falls, we all fall.
When one succeeds, we all succeed.

We need to live on the pay it forward notion, we pay one act of kindness forward, then they pass it forward and so on and so on…just like that old shampoo commerical (Okay that was going wayyyy back!
Millennium’s just YouTube it)

So today my friends remember, it only takes one act of kindness, one word of encouragement, one smile to change a person’s life. Be that change, be that motivation, be an inspiration, inspire other’s and as I always say at the end of every blog….

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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