Is there really a prince charming out there?

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Is there really a prince charming out there?


I write all the time about being Tinker bell, believing in happily ever afters, finding Mr.Prince Charming  and yes, I truly believe that but…

Yes, we all have that but…

Even I, Miss Postive have buts.. I am human after all.


But is he really out there?  And if he is, will I able to spot the real one from the phony one?

If you read my blog you know I have a lousy picker so how would I know? Can I trust myself not to get suckered again?


Can I truly opened my heart up yet again with a chance that it will get stomped on? It’s a scary situation, for so many of us that have been hurt and betrayed, can you really trust again?


When you met a guy who is sweet, kind, funny, romantic you think…ok…when’s the other shoe going to drop?….

When is the crazy going to come out?…. What does he really want?…


Pretty crappie thinking huh?

Yes, it is but sometimes you can’t help but to think that because there are so many “bad” guys out there we start to think they are all like that.


But I am here to tell you, there are some really great guys out there, guys who really are kind, sweet. Guys who will put your feelings above their own, guys who listen and put 100 % into a relationship.

Imagine that? Yes, how do  I know this? Because I know really good men like this, great guys out there looking for their queen, thinking “she’s not out there”


But we are still scared, we

think what if I repeat the sins of the past? What if I open up, can I take another broken heart? Can I survive  the pain again?

Yet, living without love is not living…


We need love like we need air, we need that human touch, we were meant to  be with someone, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam by himself…we need to learn to let go of our fears, we need to learn not to blame the sins of another on the next one.


We need to knock down the walls we built around our hearts and let someone in.

We need to give all of ourselves, not hold anything back because of fear.

Fear will make you miss out on so many things, it will close your heart and make you misrable.


So today my friends, remember your prince is out there, your queen is out there…you never know they might be closer than you think… they might be your friend, an old love or someone you never thought of, but if your not open you will miss your chance at happiness.


Be happy, laugh often, live large, love big! Life is too short, take the chance, step out of your box…you never know…


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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