Is this triathlon here yet?

A few years ago I watched the movie”the bucket list” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson and I thought if I was dying what would I want to do before I bite the dust so I made my own “bucket list”

1- jump out of a plane( I was afraid of heights note keyword “was”)

2-white water rafting

3-hot air balloning(see the heights thing not a issue see#4 too)

4- para sail

5- go to Hawaii

6-helicopter over a volcanoes( ok that was friggin scary in an old 1950 mash helicopter)

7-do a marathon ( I hate running but hell if oprah can do it!)

8-zip line (refer to #1)

9- triathlon (ok this one is just plain stupid I suck at swimming and I dont like running, who knows it just sounded cool)

10- and for my next adventure I want to do the Tony Robbins seminar where at the end you walk on fire (yes again Oprah did it and besides I’ve been through fire hell I can surly walk on it!)


Getting back to my first thought… I have been training since June 1 every day six days a week, even on my three week trip back home I even joined a gym and went about 17 days out of it ,yes sick I know but didnt want to lose all that training time!

Now yes I do have two kids,a full time job , a part time job and a life so you say I’m too busy and what that didnt sound like a busy life to you?

But I want to achieve this goal so I awake at five am to be to the gym by six. I train on the weekends.whenever!

Ok focus here ,that was for me ! I am so sore my calfs are crying, my knee throbs , my stomach tight I want to throw up,my hair feels like straw from the chlorine, and I cant lift my arms from all the weights! I am falling.apart and I love it! I am having a blast,it gives me something to look forward.too ,that I am excited to in the morning(I write this on the treadmill) but dear God I am counting the days to it as Immight ha e to crawl across the finish line !

I am so excited.about all the changes in my life and know that this bucket life will continue to get bigger and bigger as I want to live big before its time for me to go home!

So challenge yourself,step out of your box, do it now you only live once!!

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