its all the way you look at it..

Its all the way you look at things, I truly believe that. You can wake up and say “ugg another day this sucks!” Or you can wake up like I choose to and say “oh thank you for another day I am alive!” 

You can go to work and say “I hate my job, this one doesn’t do there job right, I am so such smarter than all of these people” Or you can say “I am grateful I have a job when so many others cant find one, and I know this is where I am suppose to be right now, until God opens another door and until then I will be a team player.

You can say “My life sucks, nothing every goes right, I will never find anyone, what else crappy can happen next?” Or you can say “I am so blessed and grateful for my life and all in good time things will come until then I will keep praising him for the peace and joy I have in my heart which is priceless. 

You can be miserable each and every day or you can wake up with a smile on your face, its a choice, you choose! This is your life participate in it!

I refuse to talk bad about people, at work I walk away or I stand there and point out that persons good qualities (that shuts people right up!)

I refuse to blame others for my mistakes,  I own what I do , I am not perfect nor will I ever be. I will take responsibility for all of my actions, good, bad or stupid!

I laugh at myself, all the time (didn’t you just read the stupid part?) Its all right to laugh at yourself,  again you are human and everyone has done something like you just did so why beat yourself up , laugh it off!

I choose to be kind to people even when they aren’t kind back, could they be having a bad day? Could they just be in such a dark place , they can’t see kindnesses? Can your kindness be the only kindness they felt in a while? You don’t know but how much did it cost you to be kind? Nothing and you will never know if you changed a persons day or for that matter, life.

So today my friends make an effort to choose wisely. I think each and every day, all I want is to one day get to heaven and for God to say to me “Well done!”

Makes your choices a lot easier!

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