Its amazing what a year can do

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Its amazing what a year can do…


This week I decided to write about the hardships we go through, the times we think we can’t make it… but God…we do.


I have to tell you I love Facebook because they put up what you were posting a year ago, two years ago and so on..

This is amazing to me as sometimes I can’t believe time flew by that fast. It also reminds me of how far I’ve come.


Last year at this very time,

I was betrayed by my best friend. I was hurt and angry, the pain was overwhelming as I never expected it.


It was a rough year for me as I was betrayed by another friend and I fell for and was played by the Con Artist, this was not my best year to say the least.


My best friend was there for me all through that, she was my rock, my shoulder to cry on, she gave me strength when I had none.

No, this betrayal cut so much deeper than all the other ones, this one brought me to my knees crying out to God why?


But I survived…not only that I learned lessons, I learned to forgive, I learned to depend on no one but God.


I look back at that year, how I was hurting, how I survived that summer with no air conditioning, how I cried about losing not only my best friend but my money as well.


How angry I was and my blogs showed that, how I lashed out at her, how I lost faith in people and how I wanted to close my heart to all people so that I wouldn’t get hurt yet again.


But the saying time heals all wounds are true…time does heal, if your willing to let it, if you don’t keep picking at the scab over and over, if you forgive and let it go.


Could I do that right away? No, not even little Miss Sunshine here could do that, no the hurt was deep,

I needed time to lick my wounds, I needed distance between the hurt and myself before any of that was possible. So please don’t think it will come over night, it won’t.


But eventually I realized that the hurt and anger was ruining my peace, the peace I’ve worked at so long to get in my life and this was not worth that. The only thingI could do was forgive and move on, learn the lessons and move on, give it to God and move on.


So this week my friends, I will tell you why doing that is so important and how when you have faith nothing is impossible.


See anything can happen in a day, you can fall in love, get the job of your dreams, you can become a New York Times bestselling author….anything can happen in a day, so just think of how amazing a year can be…


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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