It’s just the little things

Thursday Treadmill Treats

It’s just the little things

I am grateful, I live my life every day in gratitude, there is not a day, not an hour that goes by that I do not appreciate the life that I am living right now.

Now you might think “yeah right, get real”  but I swear to you that is how I live because I know the life I use to have and I have learned to appreciate the little things in life.

Are things are so bad in your life your not grateful for anything? It’s okay, I was there too, start small, I am grateful I am alive, that’s always a good one, grateful for my children even if they are ungrateful brats, (oh please we have all said this to them one time or another )

Be grateful you have a home to sleep in and not a box, food to eat and not having to watch your children go to sleep hungry or dig through a garbage to find your next meal.

If things are okay in your life be grateful for being present in each moment, mothers day I was sitting on the couch watching my girls, their friends and my neighbors cook me dinner, the music was going,  there was laughter in the house,  we were singing and dancing…I stopped, I took it all in, I was truly present in the moment and I gave thanks for being so blessed.

Singing in the car with my little one, our favorite past time, I am present, I feel blessed to be able to be there and sing off key with her.

When I go to the gym each and every morning, I am happy and smiling, lip syncing my favorite gossip songs while running or writing this blog, grateful I got another day to do this, to praise him.

There is a study out recently that says grateful people live longer, that they have less stress and that they are among the happiest people on earth, imagine that?  Yes, that is me and some people probably want to smack me in my smiling face for always being so “up” but I know what “down” means and I never want to go there again, never!

So today my friends, stop and smell the flowers, smile at someone, enjoy the moment, be present, be grateful. happy for the little things because they mean the most.

“Be the change you want to see”

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