What I’ve learned from the Faith Fest

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What I’ve learned from The Faith Fest


I was blessed to be able to go to this year’s Faith Fest, hosted by my church The Faith Center, in the Bahamas. It was supposed to be in November, the very same weekend as my cousins wedding in Jersey.

I was so disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to go. But as faith would have it, there was a horrible hurricane which cancelled the Faith Fest.


And so they rescheduled it for last week and I got to go. I always say everything happens for a reason and this was definitely for a reason, I needed to be there, to hear these messages.


I know we all have dreams and goals we strive for and sometimes we see others passing us by, getting to places we want to be or we think we should already be at.


We question and ask why? When will our time come? Aren’t we doing all that they are? Even more, yet we still aren’t there.

We sometimes get disappointed, frustrated and get down on ourselves, thinking when? When?


I am human and even though I know great things are going to happen for me, I still feel this way occasionally, especially lately….questioning….asking haven’t I’ve been through enough? When is my break coming?

This is where the signs always come in for me.


As I sat there in the conference, sign after sign came to me loud and clear….your dream is bigger, it almost seems impossible, there is no way you can imagine that you can get from here to there…but never lose faith, it’s coming, it just takes more time.


Know that yours is a special order, just like when you go to a restaurant and you order your meal first and people all around you, that came later than you are getting their food. Yet you still haven’t gotten yours and you question the waiter…he tells you, yours is a special order…it takes longer to do something that special….


I got it…I get it….I will just hold on…I will just have faith…I will be grateful for where I am now, I will keep learning the lessons I need to learn now so I am prepared for when it comes.

I will give thanks for where I’ve came from, from the lessons my journey has taught me.


So today my friends remember to keep the faith, don’t be jealous of others success, they deserve it, but their dreams aren’t as big as yours, yours is a special order and special orders take time to get to perfection.

Watch for the signs, they will lead you…your time is coming.





“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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