Karma comes in all forms

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Karma comes in all forms

I remember for the last few years I always thought where was Karma? How come people who did you wrong just seemed to get away with it, with no recourse at all.

How is this fair? How is it that you do all the right things, yet you get used, you get stepped on and the people who did it, just walk away and keep living the good life, leaving you suffering in their wake.

You want justice, you want to see karma and you want a front row seat. Yes, we all feel this one time or another in our life. We are human and I raise my hand to this.

I kept thinking, is there Karma? And how long does it take? Yes, I am still working on my patience.

But recently I learned karma comes in all kinds of forms, not just the kind you want or expect.

At my daughter’s graduation when my ex wouldn’t even speak to me, let alone look at me, when he was so blinded by his hate for me that he couldn’t even put his daughter’s feelings in front of his own. When I saw the all the hatred, all the bitterness and the pettiness of his actions that day I realized that is karma…right there.

He is living with all of these feelings, they are consuming him, eating him up alive, this is his karma.

I have moved on, I forgive him, to a point that I would even be willing to be friends with him for the sake of my girls.

I have an amazing life filled with love, with peace and joy.

I have a incredible support system, my church and church family, I enjoy every moment I spend with my girls, my friends and family. I live in the moment, I cherish these moments and I am grateful for everything I have.

No, I might not have as much as he still has but what I do have is priceless.

I look at his mother and how she is still angry and bitter 45 years later, over her divorce and I think….he is her…and I never want to be like that. I watched my grandma be like that and I swore as a little girl I would never be that way…I chose to be different.

This is karma in it’s worst form, a self inflicting karma, that invades your very heart and soul, that poisons you and everyone you touch. Even I wouldn’t wish this karma on anyone, as this is a life sentence for a person.

I pray for him…for my girls, as they are effected by his behavior and I pray I can teach them to let go of pain and hurt and not let it effect their lives like this.

My idea of karma was not this… but you have no control of karma and you are just here to learn lessons. Life is one big lesson, you pass one test, you move on. you don’t and you go back and repeat it until you get it right.

So today my friends, I have learned my lesson, I’ve learned that karma comes in all shapes and forms, karma comes on its all time and it’s up to you to find the lessons in it all.

My lesson was to forgive, to let it go, move on, to keep my heart open and to chose who I want to be…and to pray for those who can’t or won’t.

So, what are you holding on to? What pain, anger, hurt, is changing who you are? Are you your own karma?

Think about it and know karma will always come…just not in the way you thought.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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