Keep the faith

Treadmill Treats Monday message:
Do not give up hope

Ever wonder how can the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer?

Yes, you are trying to walk the right path, you go to church, you give, you pray, you help others, you try to be the best person you can be in God’s eyes yet your prayers still go unanswered.

There goes an unbeliever, they cheat, they steal, they lie, they step on others to get what they want and look at that they are getting, all the riches you’ve been praying for. Your thinking how could that be possible? Where is the justice in that? When will it be your turn?

Do you say, why shouldn’t I be like them, if I am not going to get all I’ve been praying for, why should I do all these things and still not be rewarded?

Your not going to work 40 hours a week and not a expect a paycheck, you know what’s coming at the end of the week , you know it is coming right?
so why don’t you have the same faith in God? You know if you believe that God is not one to lie, so why do you doubt your payday is not coming from him?

Yes, you have problems and yes you need Gods help, but be careful your problems dont lock you in a room, that they do not take over your mind and your life. That they don’t become so big that they are in your mind every waking moment.

So big that you become another person and its wrecking your relationship and your life.

Shouldn’t your every waking moment be about God, praying and believing? My favorite saying is from Dr.Martin Luther King Jr “pray and let God worry” you cant pray and worry, you need to do one or the other.

When your so down and you need someone to have your back, who do you turn to? Do you think that you can’t give it to him, that he won’t always be there for you?

We expect things to come to us, we dont want to seek after him,but you have to put effort into it, you are aleep walking through your life.

You are worrying about things you cannot change. I remember even in my darkest days, I still praised his name, I still thanked him,I can remember when I thought I found love and thought it was my season finally, when the rug was pulled out from under me yet again.

The first thing I did was get down on my knees and pray , I thanked him for his strength, I thanked him for all my other blessings in my life, I praised him in my darkest moments and I knew that he would get me through this, I knew this was another test I needed to learn for my testimony.

Is that why your depressed because you are not putting him first. When things go bad do you lose your faith? stop praising his name? Say why me right away?

“Go after his things not yours and when you do he will bless you with all the things your heart desires”

We think God only blesses good people but God even blessed Jacob and look at all he did but if you can obey even if your a Jacob you will get God’s blessings.

I never say I am not going to get all I pray for, no I have sick faith, I say yes I am GOING to become a New York Times bestselling author, I will have an extremely successful blog, I will travel around the world inspiring others to keep the faith, this is not a fairy tale to me, this is what is going to happen, I am speaking it into the atmosphere and it will be.

So today my friends, walk in faith, do something you have never done before because what do you have to lose? Keep your faith, keep praising, keep knowing your blessings are coming, never lose hope, for he can do miracles for those who believe.

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